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EF Management Associates, Inc.

Welcome to EF Management Associates, Inc. (EFMA)
An Internet-Based Management Resource for Business Turnaround

EF Management Associates, Inc. (EFMA) is an executive education and business consulting resource helping companies survive and achieve turnaround in performance when disruptive external forces (such as recession) and/or extreme competitive pressures threaten their existence. 

EFMA offers “Dynamic Business Leadership and Planning” books, articles, and courses, as well as internet-based consulting to help business leaders survive today’s recessionary environment.

Business Survival in
Today’s Changing World

Dynamic Business Leadership & Planning

Damage control. Defensive moves. Survival tactics. Turnaround strategies. Dynamic Planning. Rapid action plan implementation and mid-course corrections. These are the key management actions needed for business survival in disruptive environments. Taken together, they define “Dynamic Business Leadership”.

Business Survival

Nothing can guarantee business survival in disruptive and/or recessionary times. However, the chances for business survival can be optimized through the multi-component dynamic leadership and planning approach that EFMA, in partnership with New Horizons Business Ventures (NHBV), has developed, teaches, and sells. For information on NHBV/EFMA management books, courses and articles, see the "products" page on this site. To purchase our books, visit amazon.com. For additional information about our books and articles and to purchase and download our articles and courses, see our new authors' Web site: fatuzzobooks.com. For internet-based consulting services, contact us directly.

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