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EFMA Overview

EFMA is an Internet-based management training and business consulting resource helping companies survive and prosper, despite internal issues and/or disruptive external forces (such as economic chaos, extreme competitive pressure, new technology) that threaten their existence.

EFMA helps companies identify threats and implement strategies to counter-attack and develop action plans for survival, turnaround and renewed growth.

EFMA specializes in providing consulting assistance via the Internet to:
  • Enterprises of all sizes facing disruptive external pressures, including recession
  • Small to mid-sized manufacturing businesses
  • Technology based start-up companies
EFMA works in close cooperation with New Horizons Business Ventures, Inc. (NHBV) for book and article writing and when the consulting needs include R&D re-direction (see nhbvinc.com).

EFMA and NHBV sell their articles as digital downloads through their new authors' Website: fatuzzobooks.com. In addition, their books are available in both paperback and Kindle formats on amazon.com.

Dr. Ennio Fatuzzo is the President and CEO of EF Management Associates, Inc (EFMA). He is a seasoned corporate executive with extensive experience in managing large organizations, combating external business threats, and building synergy through acquisitions. Prior to EFMA, Dr. Fatuzzo founded and led AIM, Inc., an international business consulting company, and held business executive positions in 3M and other companies. (more)

As mentioned above, EFMA works closely with New Horizons Business Ventures, Inc. (NHBV) when clients' business needs involve R&D management guidance and optimizing R&D operations and for the development of management guidance products and resources.
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